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We offer a number of different Equine First Aid Courses to suite your lifestyle.

Our most comprehensive course! Join us for a one-day course covering: what your vet needs to know, conditioning a horse to accept treatment, taking vital signs, dealing with lacerations, punctures, colic, choke, collapse, casting, shock, hoof issues, recognizing pain in the horse and pain source identification, injury prevention & so much more! All attendees receive a certificate of completion, vital signs card, & first aid resource manual. 

*The basic first aid course is a pre-requisite to the advanced course*

Join us for a one day highly advanced equine emergency first aid course & learn what to do in the most extreme situations! Covering everything from lacerations to poison, burns to bites, fractures to sucking chest wounds, this course prepares the student to handle the most serious injuries while waiting for the vet. 

Backcountry rider or equestrian camper? Learn effective planning, how to be prepared for anything, & how to react in even the most extreme first aid emergencies. From food and water prep for camping with your horse to splinting legs, flail chest, freeing a trapped horse, and so much more - we cover all the wilderness extremes!

Have a horse crazy youngster? Sign them up for the 3-hour kids' program! They'll learn horse safety & basic first aid in a fun, hands on environment. There's even a recipe for horse cookies in their manuals, and they'll all get a frameable certificate of completion! No horse experience necessary! 

This is a half day fast paced clinic covering the fundamentals of first aid. Working hands on with the horses, you will learn to take vital signs, recognize pain in the horse, detect colic, & participate in lots of bandaging in realistic scenarios! All attendees receive a first aid reference booklet. 

Take advantage of our introductory pricing for this new 2 hour course, which is a condensed course of our full course, "Disaster Planning & Emergency Preparedness" (Not yet offered with SB Equine Health). This course is packed full of vital information & specially made by our team to ensure as many people can take part as possible. We will go over the different types of emergencies, evacuation orders & laws, pre planning your evacuations, shelter in place, vitals for your animals to go "bags", crucial documentation for your animals, and tips on getting them back should you ever be separated. Although not the only disaster we could ever face, it is officially Wildfire season in Canada. Be prepared! 

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